Psychotherapy or Counselling, short and long-term

I work with individual adults.

Some people come because they are in a crisis, others about an ongoing or recurring issue.  Issues can be about the past, present, and/or the future.  It often helps for example to increase their understanding of themselves, and sometimes those around them too, with the aim of a better personal quality of life.  

This kind of therapy can be helpful for anxiety and phobias, relationship problems, work issues, experience of abuse or trauma, depression, the emotional impact of a diagnosis - either physical or psychological, coping with a caring role, bereavement or loss, making life changes, and others.

Support for families with children with special needs -

As well as working with individual adults, I also work with parents of children causing concern, and other members of families affected. 

Sometimes the aim is to improve the quality of family life

Sometimes to address the impact of the special needs or diagnosis on the family, or a particular member(s)

Sometimes it is to get a deeper understanding of the difficulties, and how to respond to them, and/or it may be to help manage the difficult reactions of others

It is possible to combine this with psychotherapy or counselling for other personal issues if and when this would also be a good idea


 It can sometimes be very beneficial to address these kinds of issues in a small facilitated group, with others experiencing similar issues, as different members can offer and receive different insights and approaches, while each developing their own, in their own particular situation. 


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